Harrow the Ninth

Well… Tasmyn Muir delivered. For the prior book in the series, Gideon the Ninth, I ragged on the lack of a promised “weird” story. The frequently mentioned, quick description of “lesbian necromancers in space” seemed to not quite check all the boxes. Well I’m happy to report that Harrow the Ninth is weird. And oh my, is it weird in such a good way. There’s also lesbian necromancers and they’re actually in space!

I liked the first book just fine. I had a few complaints, but it was a good read. The sequel was a ride. Unreliable narration, a chronologically shuffled story, weird reality bending plot devices, disgusting body horror magic. All that and we get to follow a great character as the protagonist.

If you do read Gideon the Ninth, quickly follow it up with Harrow. You’ll be just as confused as you were for most of the first book, but how the theories in your head will build, shatter, and build again. It was a great read.