Phone Hound for Watch

phoneHoundWebI created a little Apple Watch app to help you find your misplaced iPhone. When you iPhone is lost in your house, just simply open up the Phone Hound app on your Apple Watch, touch the type of sound you want your phone to make, listen, and find your phone. It also doubles as a remote whoopee cushion for pranks on family and friends.

Use your Apple Watch to find your misplaced iPhone!

Ever lose your iPhone in your own house, car, or bag? Use Phone Hound on your Apple Watch to help you locate your lost iPhone! Phone Hound for Apple Watch will ping your iPhone with various sounds of your choosing to help you locate it. Phone Hound includes 7 unique sounds to help locate your iPhone as well as 12 joke sounds which can be used to prank your friends and family!

Let Phone Hound help you find your iPhone!